Creative Soul,

Creative Soul Sustainable Health and Living (NPC), (Creative Soul / CS) is a non-profit company focused on implementing sustainable health, living, waste management solutions with supporting innovative individuals and sustainable businesses. We aim to be the front runners of non-profit companies with an innovative sustainable idea to empower the non-profit with a sustainable source of income to be used to enrich the lives of the very poor and unemployed in South Africa and improving the impact we have on our environment simultaneously.

South Africa is unique in its people, means of living, and social-economic structures. Census 2011[1] shows that there has been an improvement, in terms of a drop in the % of no and low-income earners, with an increase in middle and high between 2001 and 2011. Although the low and no income still equate to 44,5% of the population.  (Community Survey 2016[2] – 27 million people between the age of 20 and 59)

CS aims to lower the number of no income individuals by establishing material recovery facilities coupled with processing plants and other waste solutions to increase available opportunities for individuals to earn an income. Waste pickers or reclaimers are individuals engaged in collecting recyclable materials from refuse, landfill sites and elsewhere, which they sell to earn an income and support their families. Recycling and material recovery facilities (MRF’s) are mostly privately owned entities, supported by the government as a sustainable alternative to landfills, however not enforced.

CS has been investigating ways to assist the very poor and unemployed by setting up more MRF’s where reclaimers can sort and sell their collected goods for cash, and funds generated, is used to support community upliftment projects, and other charity organisations in the adjacent areas. In this way, it not only betters their direct living conditions, it provides an on-going solution to support the community, and improves the environmental impact we have and future sustainability.

According to the State of waste report SA[3] 82% of waste is still landfilled and lost to the recycling industry.  Although MRF’s are automated systems, the importance of our waste pickers is crucial as they collect waste from illegal dumps, crowded landfills and urbanised municipal areas not currently recycling.

MRF’s coupled with processing plants greatly improves the practicality of solutions as they break down recycled items into raw materials to be re-used in producing new items, however, capital outlay in establishing these processing plants are a challenge, and equipment needs to be imported.  CS is a self-sufficient non-profit aimed at establishing suitable waste management ideas and community support structures across South Africa, creating immense employment opportunities directly and indirectly affecting millions.

According to a report by CSIR[4], there is a need for the integration of the informal waste sector (reclaimers) into the formal structure of municipalities by some form of a bridging agency.  CS intents to be part of such a bridging agency thus, having a positive bearing on economic developments as well as changing stagnant obsolete waste management systems.

Creative Soul aims to create immense employment opportunities directly and indirectly, support communities and small business, and positively impact the environmental.